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Top 5 Things to Know About House Painting

House painting tips

Even though you're not planning on painting on the outside of your home, you should still be aware of some issues that could arise. It could be something that your painter comes to you about, and you'll have to make a choice.

Or, it should be something that you're on the lookout for, so you know that your painting contractor is handling things the way that they should be. In fact, the first tip should be about avoiding thinking exterior painting is a do-it-yourself kind of task, when it's clearly best suited for industry pros.

You'll also need to screen prospective painters to choose the right company carefully, but for now, let's focus on making sure you know how to make sure your painting job goes the way that it should.

What You Need to Know as The Homeowner and Client

Maybe you're not planning on watching your painting company like a hawk. However, you should have some pointers in mind so you can monitor and make sure the job is being carried out correctly.

  • Prep is Everything

What surprises consumers is how much of the job is actually preparing the home for the paint application. Don't work with a painter that isn't pressure washing, fixing, replacing caulk, and sanding before painting. The finished job may look nice at first but will quickly show all the flaws that were ignored.

  • Pay for Quality

When it comes to hiring any type of contractor, shop for good value. You deserve a high-quality painter who uses superior products for the best outcome. Cheap paint and labor will always leave you disappointed.

  • Choose Colors Wisely

Your painter should offer some feedback about the colors you choose. You want to avoid colors that will drive up your energy costs or clash with the landscaping. These are issues you may not see in advance, but a seasoned painter should.

  • Watch the Weather

It's easier to wait for warm and dry weather and get the job done quickly, so don't be disappointed if your painter wants to wait through a cold or wet spell. Since you'll probably have two coats, wet weather prolongs the dry time, so it makes sense to wait and get the job done in a shorter amount of time.

  • Watch out Below

No matter how skilled your painting contractor is, it's easier to use drop cloths and not need them than to wish there had been coverage in place. Paint shouldn't end up on your plants, patio furniture, or anywhere else since it's an avoidable issue.

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