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Residential Exterior Paint Job on Longview Ave in Budd Lake, NJ

Residential exterior paint job on longview ave in bud lake nj

Trim and cut all the overbrush vegetation, trees, and branches before power washing the house. Power wash entire house, scrape, and partially power sand all exterior surfaces/application of oil primmer to all precarious surfaces. Spray paint and hand brush all woodwork and body of the house with Sherwin Williams Super Paint Low luster finish, applying two coats to all surfaces. Trim white and body of home soft gray.

Exterior painting and interior painting are about bringing your vision to fruition. Here at Elkins Painting & Wallpapering, we're proud to be a part of making that happen for so many homeowners.

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Products Used: Super Paint low luster finish for body of house and soft gloss for all trim by Sherwin Williams
Client Review: I’ve had the opportunity to work with Elkin a few times. He’s done work and bid on projects for me with investment residential and commercial projects. He’s proven to be incredibly reliable, attentive, and understanding of customer needs/concerns. One house he painted was obstructed by tons of landscaping. Without question, Elkin and his son came out with chainsaws. How’s that for prepping a project!!
- Jeremy Goldberg

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