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Residential Interior Painting on Pinebrook Rd in Towaco, NJ

Residential interior painting on pinebrook rd in towaco nj

All ceilings, walls, and trim were inspected for prep work, which included, but it was limited to scrape, sand, prime, and caulk all poor surfaces.

Application of one coat of primer to all stained woodwork and trim around the house, followed by two coats of an acrylic latex semigloss to all trim and woodwork.

Ceilings and walls received two coats of Cashmere Sherwin Williams paint.

Exterior painting and interior painting are about bringing your vision to fruition. Here at Elkins Painting & Wallpapering, we're proud to be a part of making that happen for so many homeowners.

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Products Used: Sherwin Williams Interior Duration
Client Review: I wish this painter was listed as the first painter on the list as his work is absolutely outstanding. He is so polite and professional. He painted most of our interior rooms and gave us an honest opinion when we were thinking about painting the outside. His advice was so helpful. We ended up siding the house. Even though he would lose the job, his recommendation was exactly correct. I have more work to be done in the future and will invite him back to do the work for us.
- Linda Bennet

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